Does Your Lawn Need Aerated?

How to Determine if your Lawn needs Aarated and the steps to prep it for Aeration.With the Heat We Receive in Noblesville, Carmel, and Fishers Indiana our Ground can really get hard and dry. If your Grass is Starting to look like Dirt or dead Especially with the Summer Months In Central Indiana with the Clay dirt Found in Most Properties, It probably because the soil is getting to compacted and hard to allow your Root System to Thrive. This problem is Mostly Seen in areas of high foot traffic. These areas are Notorious for needing Aeration. As the dirt gets compacted it inpacts the root system and kills off the grass you are growing in your yard. To determine this you can dig with a shovel a small square foot area no deeper then 2 inches deep. If your Roots do not extend longer then 2 inches then your … Continued

How soon should you mow after it rains?

In Fishers Indiana We have lot of Spring Rain. You have Also been told its not good to Mow right after it Rains. Do you have to wait a couple of hours or a couple of days? I am sure you have heard these things around Fishers Indiana. Especially in our newer Communities around Hamilton county. In Fishers Indiana. In the Spring time our grass can grow really fast, and when the grass is really long it will make it really Difficult to mow your yard. Unless you have the big Mower that Miller Lawn Maintenance has. You don’t want to get stuck with the arduous task of have to doing all that work just give up. Try to mow a strip of the yard. If it is cutting through fishers tall fescue grass with ease you are good to go.Something else to look for when you are mowing what … Continued

5 Easy Steps To Mulch your Flower beds in Carmel Indiana

  Mulching your Yard In 5 Easy steps1) Here at Miller Lawn Maintenance we use a series of tools that help us complete a mulch job. We here at Miller Lawn Maintenance recommend this list of tool to help you.2) A shovel to help with getting every last bit of mulch off the ground3) A Pitch fork for loading the Wheel barrel with your material.4) A wheel barrel to get your material from the pile to the flower bed or whatever you are mulching5) Steel headed rakes for leveling and smoothing out the Mulch after its been applied. 6) At tarp. If you are having mulch delivered you will want to lay mulch down on a tarp so you do not stain your driveway especially with Dyed mulch products.7) A blower. You will use this more at the end when you clean your driveway off or if you have a little … Continued

Proper ways of mowing your grass in Noblesville, Fishers, and Carmel Indiana.

  The proper height of mowing grass in fishers, Carmel, and Noblesville Indiana depends on the type of grass that you have. In central Indiana we typically have Tall fescue. Tall fescue should be mowed between 3-4 inches in height. Pointers for Setting your Mower Height in Carmel, Noblesville, And Fisher Indiana.– Shady areas in Central Indiana grow better when the grass is cut at a taller height. – Mid-Summer Grass should be cut at a higher Height such as 3.75 or 4 inches as it helps protect the roots and keep Stress Created by heat down, helping To keep your lawn Nice and green through the dry months– Warm grasses should be cut at a lower height in the spring so you can remove the Dead blades created from your grass being dormant all winter.Here At Miller Lawn Maintenance, We pride ourselves on being Knowledgeable when it comes to grass … Continued