Does Your Lawn Need Aerated?

How to Determine if your Lawn needs Aarated and the steps to prep it for Aeration.

With the Heat We Receive in Noblesville, Carmel, and Fishers Indiana our Ground can really get hard and dry. If your Grass is Starting to look like Dirt or dead Especially with the Summer Months In Central Indiana with the Clay dirt Found in Most Properties, It probably because the soil is getting to compacted and hard to allow your Root System to Thrive. This problem is Mostly Seen in areas of high foot traffic. These areas are Notorious for needing Aeration. As the dirt gets compacted it inpacts the root system and kills off the grass you are growing in your yard. To determine this you can dig with a shovel a small square foot area no deeper then 2 inches deep. If your Roots do not extend longer then 2 inches then your Lawn would benefit from Miller Lawn Maintenance Aeration service.

Prepping your Lawn For Aeration
One to Two day prior to Aerating the lawn Water our lawn and Apply atleast 1 inch of water to loosen the soil. To Measure how much water you are putting down. Take a tuna Can and lay it out in the middle of the watering zone and when that can is full you have watered one inch of water. Watering the lawn will help The Aerator penetrait the top o the soil easyier so it can get to the bottom of the roots. Make sure if you Flag any Irrigation heads that may be on the property. So the Aerator doesn’t Damage any of the heads that will be hiding From the person preforming the Service.

The best time to Aerate in Noblesville, Fishers, and Carmel Indiana is in the Fall. The Months are August to October. That is when grass comes back from being domant from all the heat and it starts its growth back. Call for more information Regaurding this Service at (317) 416-2104. A Miller Lawn Maintenance Pro is always willing to help you Achieve the Lawn that you want.