How soon should you mow after it rains?

In Fishers Indiana We have lot of Spring Rain. You have Also been told its not good to Mow right after it Rains. Do you have to wait a couple of hours or a couple of days? I am sure you have heard these things around Fishers Indiana. Especially in our newer Communities around Hamilton county.

In Fishers Indiana. In the Spring time our grass can grow really fast, and when the grass is really long it will make it really Difficult to mow your yard. Unless you have the big Mower that Miller Lawn Maintenance has. You don’t want to get stuck with the arduous task of have to doing all that work just give up. Try to mow a strip of the yard. If it is cutting through fishers tall fescue grass with ease you are good to go.

Something else to look for when you are mowing what may be wet grass in fishers is if the grass is bending over really easy. When Tall Fescue grass Is wet and heavy it will bend over a lot more. The reason this is not good is because when that grass Dries you have have a very choppy cut which will cause you to have to mow it a second time to make It look good. So the way you can tell if your grass is ready to mow. Look for your grass to be weighted down by rain water. If the grass is laying over it is probably to wet to mow.

If your Mowing your grass, and you start to notice that your mower is not spreading the grass evenly across your lawn and instead it Clumping and leaving Small piles. Do not mow. If you are not going to take the time to spread the clumps out you will end up having dead spots in your yard.

Ideally, When you mow your yard you want it to be dry enough that your shoes stay dry. Especially in the spring and the wetter Regions. If you are considering to mow wet grass we suggest following our tips and invest in a good Commercial mower or call the pros at Miller Lawn Maintenance in Noblesville Indiana to take care of your properties. If you have any Questions about Mowing or our service please visit our website or Give us a shout at (317) 416-2104