Proper ways of mowing your grass in Noblesville, Fishers, and Carmel Indiana.



The proper height of mowing grass in fishers, Carmel, and Noblesville Indiana depends on the type of grass that you have. In central Indiana we typically have Tall fescue. Tall fescue should be mowed between 3-4 inches in height.

Pointers for Setting your Mower Height in Carmel, Noblesville, And Fisher Indiana.
– Shady areas in Central Indiana grow better when the grass is cut at a taller height.
– Mid-Summer Grass should be cut at a higher Height such as 3.75 or 4 inches as it helps protect the roots and keep Stress Created by heat down, helping To keep your lawn Nice and green through the dry months
– Warm grasses should be cut at a lower height in the spring so you can remove the Dead blades created from your grass being dormant all winter.

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