5 Easy Steps To Mulch your Flower beds in Carmel Indiana



Mulching your Yard In 5 Easy steps

1) Here at Miller Lawn Maintenance we use a series of tools that help us complete a mulch job. We here at Miller Lawn Maintenance recommend this list of tool to help you.
2) A shovel to help with getting every last bit of mulch off the ground
3) A Pitch fork for loading the Wheel barrel with your material.
4) A wheel barrel to get your material from the pile to the flower bed or whatever you are mulching
5) Steel headed rakes for leveling and smoothing out the Mulch after its been applied.
6) At tarp. If you are having mulch delivered you will want to lay mulch down on a tarp so you do not stain your driveway especially with Dyed mulch products.
7) A blower. You will use this more at the end when you clean your driveway off or if you have a little leftover debris in the flower beds that you need to blow out such as leaves and other debris.

1) Find the Areas that you want to Mulch.
Some people Mulch around their Trees. Some in their flower beds. Some people even Mulch their Entire yard. You will need to know what kind of area you want to mulch.

2) Edging Your Mulching area
Once you have figured out where you want to mulch. Now it’s time to edge the area you want to mulch. No matter where you are Mulching it is always a good idea edge the Area in which you plan to apply the Mulch. I like to Use the phrase “You don’t go get a haircut, but you do not trim the neck.” Putting a Nice Clean edge around your Mulch will really Clean up the area while keeping the newly apply Mulch where you want it.

3) Pulling Weeds
Once you have edged the flower beds and you have Cleaned the edging Debris up you will been to clean out any weeds that may be there and you need to dispose of them so that when the mulch goes down you won’t have pesky weeds sneaking through making your hard work look bad.

4) Start to spread the mulch
After you have dumped you mulch in the appropriate spot to be prepared to spread it. This is a simple task however if you do not smooth it out it wont look as good. We want to get the mulch as level as possible so from a distance it looks right. Mulch will settle and you may have to level it out a few times a year. One spot you want to be level is along the house if that is not level you will notice it from a distance.

Congratulation you have completed you Mulch job in 5 easy steps. If you wish to have a mulch Service scheduled Miller Lawn Maintenance is here for you. Please Call us to day for a free Estimate. (317) 416-2104