Prepare Your Business for Winter Storms by Following These 3 Tips

As a business owner, keeping your property free from snow and ice is essential during the winter months. If the entrance to your business is full of snow or the parking spaces are covered in ice, this could keep customers and clients from visiting your establishment. If you want to be prepared for upcoming winter storms, Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends you follow these three tips to keep your business open during even the worst winter weather.

3 Benefits of Raking Your Leaves in the Fall

It’s that time of year again! The trees are turning beautiful colors. Pumpkins can be seen on front porches around your neighborhood. The leaves on your trees seem to be dropping at exponential speed, and there is no end in sight. While raking can be a laborious and boring task, there are more benefits to raking your yard than simply having a pristine, well-groomed lawn. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we recommend that you rake and remove all leaves from your yard so your Meridian Hills property can benefit from the three advantages below.

A Brief Guide to Fall Landscape Maintenance

As autumn is quickly approaching, it’s time to think about preparing your lawn and landscape for the fall and winter seasons. These seasonal maintenance tasks do not have to be completed all in one weekend. There are specific areas you can begin working on now, and then finish up before the snow falls. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we recommend you follow this fall landscape maintenance guide so your lawn and landscape are ready for the cold weather ahead.

4 Lawn Mowing Tips That Will Give You Maximum Results

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting out the old lawnmower. For a beautiful and healthy green lawn, the team at Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends following the four steps below. Combine these steps with a well-performing lawnmower and you’ll have an amazingly gorgeous lawn you can be proud of all summer long.

Organic vs. Inorganic Mulch: What’s the Difference?

Although you still may have some snow on the ground, it’s not too early to think about getting your landscape ready for spring. The team at Miller Lawn Maintenance is standing by to get your Nora home and property ready as soon as the warm spring weather arrives. We provide many landscaping services, including weeding, aeration, and mulching. There are several types of mulch you can choose from to decorate and protect your landscape. The two main choices include organic mulch and inorganic mulch. If you’re not sure which one to choose, keep reading to learn the differences and how they can both improve and enhance your beautiful home and yard.

First-Rate Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Service

Winter can be a magical time of year. Watching the snow gently fall, drinking hot cocoa, and keeping an eye on the kids while they build a snowman only adds to this special season. What’s not magical is the ice and snow you need to deal with at home and at work. If you’re a business owner in the Castleton, IN, area, you know how awful it can be to try and maintain a beautiful, accessible storefront while fighting with the weather. Don’t waste your time anymore! Let the professionals at Miller Lawn Maintenance take care of this never-ending task for you. Why should you hire us? Keep reading to learn more.

Prepare Your Yard for Winter with Our Fall Clean-Up Services

Now is the perfect time of year to get your yard winter-ready before the snow strikes. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we customize our fall clean-up services to meet the specific needs of your Westfield property. Whether you need complete leaf removal, rain gutters cleaned out, or trees and bushes pruned back, our team will clean up your lawn with the utmost care and meticulous detail. While we offer a variety of fall clean-up services, below are a few of our more popular seasonal solutions.

Why Snow Removal Is Important for your business In Central Indiana

Winter can be hard for Millions of Americans every year. Especially in the Midwest. Here in Carmel Indiana Its part of our Lives every year. With the Mix of Snow, Sleet and Ice. Winter is never a boring time of year for weather. These are the reasons its important to hire Miller Lawn Maintenance to handle all your winter Needs. InjuryEven though your Employees aren’t in at work maybe because it’s the weekend or maybe you closed work because its to hard to get there. Either way Your property is sitting there waiting for someone to slip and fall. It only takes one case of a slip and fall to Ruin a business because someone got hurt on our property and you now have a lawsuit. Injuries because of snow storms happens a lot. There is a reported 1 Million Slip and fall injuries a year due to winter weather. Slip … Continued

5 Benefits of Our Landscaping Services

Professional landscaping services offer many benefits for busy homeowners in the Broad Ripple area. Beautifully trimmed bushes and creatively arranged flower beds provide an attractive backdrop when entertaining outdoors. They can increase the overall value of your home as well. With the expert landscaping services from Miller Lawn Maintenance, you will enjoy your charming and elegant yard without all of the hard work. Enjoy these five benefits from our professional landscaping team.1. Trim Bushes & HedgesOne of the basic tasks of a professional landscaping service is trimming all bushes and hedges on your property. Shrubbery such as this can quickly grow out of control if not trimmed on a regular basis. 2. Use the Best Plants & TreesNot only do we offer a wide variety of plants and trees, but we only use the best vegetation in all of our landscaping projects. We won’t sell you a hosta, shasta daisy, or … Continued