Why Snow Removal Is Important for your business In Central Indiana

Winter can be hard for Millions of Americans every year. Especially in the Midwest. Here in Carmel Indiana Its part of our Lives every year. With the Mix of Snow, Sleet and Ice. Winter is never a boring time of year for weather. These are the reasons its important to hire Miller Lawn Maintenance to handle all your winter Needs.


  • Injury

Even though your Employees aren’t in at work maybe because it’s the weekend or maybe you closed work because its to hard to get there. Either way Your property is sitting there waiting for someone to slip and fall. It only takes one case of a slip and fall to Ruin a business because someone got hurt on our property and you now have a lawsuit. Injuries because of snow storms happens a lot. There is a reported 1 Million Slip and fall injuries a year due to winter weather. Slip and falls are the leading reason for lost hours of work in the winter in the united states. Is your business covered when the snow hits?


  • Save your company time

Here in Fishers it’s no secret that Snow shoveling and plowing can take a lot of time. Instead of taking your business time to clear the parking lot which takes away from your time to make more money or help your business. You are now doing a task that takes away from your business. Here at Miller Lawn Maintenance we have the equipment and time to take care of your property so that you can keep focused on the task at hand.


  • Property Damage

If you don’t have the right shovel or equipment.  You can do a ton of damage to your property or parking lot. If you do not remove snow and ice properly it can cause concrete or asphalt to

separate and crack. You can Damage and kill landscaping if plants get buried under snow mounds as well. If you are using the proper equipment you can rest assure that the risk of damage will go do

Miller Lawn Maintenace in Noblesville Indiana has the Correct Equipment that will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. We love our customers and working in fishers, Noblesville, Carmel and Westfield. Call us today for a free estimate at (317) 416-2104