Why It’s Important to Clean Up Your Yard Each Fall

Cleaning up your yard each fall can keep your property looking healthy, but it’s not the only reason to groom your lawn this time of year. Cold, wet leaves can cause all sorts of issues, from crushed grass and pest problems to a yard that’s weakened by cold temperatures. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we recommend performing a thorough fall clean-up of your Fisher’s yard to reduce these common lawn problems.

Why It's Important to Clean Up Your Yard Each Fall

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

A lawn that is well-prepared for the cold winter conditions has a much better chance of growing strong and healthy in the spring. Cold weather can cause damage to grass, resulting in an unhealthy lawn and making it more susceptible to damage from cold weather and lawn pests. Piles of leaves left to rot can suffocate the grass, preventing sunlight and other nutrients from reaching the roots. Fall clean-up is the best solution for maintaining a robust and healthy lawn before the winter snow begins.

Make Way for Grass to Grow

The biggest part of a thriving lawn is the thick, lush, green grass. When leaves and debris are left in your yard, it creates a thick carpet of rotting organic matter that can smother the grass. This can also lead to trapped moisture and the growth of mold and lawn disease. Not only that but as your lawn is walked and played on, the leaves and debris will crush the grass, preventing new growth in the spring.

Reduce Pests & Diseases

Another important advantage of fall leaf removal is the decrease of pests and diseases in your yard. When organic clutter is left on your lawn, it becomes an ideal haven for all sorts of pests and lawn afflictions. A thorough fall clean-up can aid in keeping your yard free from pests and also eliminate the comfortable conditions pests typically enjoy.

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Other lawn services that can help in making your lawn winter-ready include weeding, aeration, and overseeding. Miller Lawn Maintenance can provide these services, and more, for customers in Fishers, IN, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (317) 416-2104 to request a free quote for our residential and commercial fall clean-up and leaf removal services.

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