3 Benefits of Raking Your Leaves in the Fall

It’s that time of year again! The trees are turning beautiful colors. Pumpkins can be seen on front porches around your neighborhood. The leaves on your trees seem to be dropping at exponential speed, and there is no end in sight. While raking can be a laborious and boring task, there are more benefits to raking your yard than simply having a pristine, well-groomed lawn. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we recommend that you rake and remove all leaves from your yard so your Meridian Hills property can benefit from the three advantages below.

3 Benefits of Raking Your Leaves in the Fall

1. Prevent Mold & Pest Infestations

Fallen leaves are excellent ground cover for lingering pests and insects that you may not want in your lawn. Not only do these insects eat the grass, but they can also damage your yard, leaving behind ugly brown patches. Mold can also grow underneath wet moist leaves. Snow mold grows well in decaying leaves and you may not realize mold it’s there until the spring. At that point, it’s too late to prevent it. You will be doing your best to treat your damaged lawn, rather than enjoying a lush, green yard.

2. Promote Grass Growth

Another negative effect of heavy wet leaves on your lawn is stunted grass growth. By not raking the leaves, your lawn will not get the air, light, water, and other nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy throughout the winter. During the cold months, grass stores energy from any sunlight it receives in the fall or winter season. You can promote a healthy lawn by raking your leaves each fall.

3. Mulch or Compost the Leaves

Once you’ve raked up all the leaves in your yard, you can do one of two things with them. You can bag them up and let the garbage company collect them, or you can mulch them and use them as compost. By turning those nasty wet leaves into healthy organic matter, you can feed your flower or vegetable garden in the spring. Raking leaves is an effective way to use something negative in a positive way.

Serving Meridian Hills & Beyond

If you like having a clean and tidy lawn but dread raking the leaves, call Miller Lawn Maintenance for a free quote today at (317) 416-2104. We are more than happy to offer our leaf removal services for your Meridian Hills home. We also provide other lawn care services such as mowing, landscaping, aeration, weeding, and snow removal.

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