Prepare Your Business for Winter Storms by Following These 3 Tips

As a business owner, keeping your property free from snow and ice is essential during the winter months. If the entrance to your business is full of snow or the parking spaces are covered in ice, this could keep customers and clients from visiting your establishment. If you want to be prepared for upcoming winter storms, Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends you follow these three tips to keep your business open during even the worst winter weather.

Prepare Your Business for Winter Storms By Following These 3 Tips

1. Plan Ahead for Winter Storms

Keeping your business open during a snowstorm takes planning and preparation. When the snow is accumulating in your parking lot or on your sidewalks, you need to plan ahead so you’re able to clear away the snow and ice in a timely manner. Watch the weather forecast so you’re not caught by surprise and can plan to get to work early to clear away the snow. You should also take a walk around your business property and make note of areas that need to be shoveled and de-iced such as curbs, accessibility ramps, and parking spaces.

2. Stock Snow Removal Essentials 

Before winter arrives, be sure to stock all the snow removal equipment and essentials at your business property. This way you’ll always be ready for whatever is on the weather forecast or for that unexpected snowstorm. Be sure to have shovels, ice melt products, gloves and hats, and snow boots readily available. If a storm is on the way, it can be helpful to spread ice melt products on the sidewalk or parking spaces before the snow begins to fall. This will keep it from compacting and turning into ice.

3. Shovel before the Snow Stops

Don’t wait for the snow to stop before you head outside to clean up the snow and ice. If it’s really piling up outside, you may want to go out and shovel as well as lay down a de-icer. If you wait and shovel when the storm is over, it may be even more difficult to shovel or snow blow, especially if there are quite a few inches on the ground. 

Professional Snow & Ice Removal

If you prefer to have a professional snow removal company take care of your commercial property, call us today at (317) 416-2104 for a free quote. We proudly serve Noblesville, IN, and the surrounding areas. We also provide several other commercial lawn care services throughout the year including mowing, mulching, weeding, landscaping, leaf removal, and aeration

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