Why & How to Mulch around Trees

Do you have trees on your Meridian-Kessler property? Miller Lawn Maintenance highly recommends keeping those trees groomed and healthy with mulch. This landscape covering provides quite a few benefits including protecting roots from damage, retaining moisture, preventing soil erosion, and adding curb appeal. Be sure you’re applying mulch correctly by following these three steps below.

Why & How to Mulch Around Trees

Why Apply

There are specific ways that mulch can be used to protect trees. Along with the reasons listed above, mulch can keep grass from taking over the tree area and protect the tree trunks from damage caused by lawn mowers and other yard tools.

When to Apply

While mulch can be applied any time of the year, the best time to apply it is during the spring season. In spring, temperatures are starting to get warmer and roots are beginning to grow again. It’s also a good idea to replace this mulch each year. 

Where to Apply

It’s important to know where to and where not to apply mulch around your trees. You want to avoid piling mulch on the tree trunk as this can make your trees susceptible to rot. Begin by applying mulch about three to six inches away from the trunk and spread it outward from there anywhere between three to six feet around.

Once you have a good perimeter of mulch set up around your tree, you’ll want to layer the mulch to a thickness of about two to four inches deep. The ring of mulch should be slightly raised, and not flat, as it surrounds the trees in your yard.

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