3 Ways Mulching Improves the Health of Your Property

Mulching is one of several ways to improve the curb appeal of your Carmel home or business. Not only does it provide a well-defined space for spring flower beds and flourishing trees, but it also helps keep your property healthy and thriving all season long. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we know that mulch can offer several benefits, from controlling annoying pests to defending against weeds. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of mulching your landscape each spring.

3 Ways Mulching Improves the Health of Your Property

1. Maintains Soil Temperature

While mulch definitely enhances the look of your property, it can also help regulate the temperature of the soil. It acts as natural insulation, preventing any damage from extreme temperatures. During fall and spring, mulch will protect the delicate root systems of flowers and trees from overnight frosty temperatures and the hot midday sun.

2. Controls Annoying Pests

When it comes to controlling pests, mulch is often a double-edged sword. For some insects, this material acts as the perfect breeding ground. There are two ways to use mulch and ward off those harmful bugs. 

  • Rubber mulch provides an inhospitable environment for outdoor pests, keeping them out of your garden for good.
  • Mulch that doesn’t hold moisture, such as cedar mulch, also works well to prevent insects from settling into your flower beds.

3. Defends Against Weeds

There are two important ways that mulch inhibits weed growth in your landscaping. First, by covering the dirt with a thick layer of mulch, there’s no exposed soil for any stray weeds to spread and grow. Second, if any weed seeds do get through the mulch, they can’t germinate, as the mulch prevents sunlight from getting through.

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