4 Lawn Care Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season

Maintaining a healthy lawn during the hot summer months can take some work, but it definitely is possible. Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends following the maintenance tips for a thriving, lush, and healthy lawn during the summer season.

4 Lawn Care Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season

1. Cut Your Grass Long

You may think it’s best to cut your grass short rather than long, but that is not the case. Mowing at a high rather than low height will encourage a thick and strong lawn, as well as help to keep weeds at bay. Be sure to sharpen the blades before you begin mowing, as dull blades will tear the grass and deter healthy growth. Also, be sure to leave the grass clippings on the turf. This offers much-needed nutrients, which serve as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. 

2. Apply Pest Control Treatment

Not all insects are harmful to your lawn, but it’s always wise to be on the lookout for symptoms of destructive bugs and pests. Japanese beetles and June bugs can cause bare, dry patches to appear in your turf. If these are not treated quickly and properly, they will continue to destroy your lawn, leaving you with a less-than-beautiful yard.

3. Spread Weed Control

As your lawn begins to grow, so will those ugly and unsightly weeds. You can stave off these intruders with a post-emergent herbicide that will remove these invaders for good. If you fear hurting the grass with a weed control treatment, you can always pull out the larger weeds and apply the treatment only where necessary.

4. Water, Water, and More Water

The best way to prevent a dry, dehydrated lawn is to water it often and generously. Avoid wilted grass and slowed root growth simply by providing your turf with the moisture it needs. We recommend watering your lawn once or twice a week. If your area is experiencing excessively dry conditions, you may need to water more often.

All-Inclusive Lawn Care Maintenance

If you cannot find the time to maintain your lawn and landscape in Rocky Ripple, IN, then look to the experts at Miller Lawn Maintenance. We can care for your property with several of our lawn care services, such as mowing, mulching, weeding, leaf removal, aeration, and more. Request a free quote by calling us at (317) 416-2104 today.

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