A Brief Guide to Different Types of Lawn Mowers

Finding a new lawn mower can be challenging. All yards are different shapes and sizes, and mowers have varied features, engine speeds, and price tags. While particular lawn mowers may work better than others, it’s a good idea to consider that certain lawn mowers may be easier for you to handle. Miller Lawn Maintenance has created this brief lawnmower guide to help you choose one that is right for you.

A Brief Guide to Different Types of Lawn Mowers

Walk Mowers

Walk mowers are tried-and-true machines that have been around for decades. They have changed over the years as many are available with many features and details. There are push lawnmowers without motors that rely on manual power and self-propelled mowers with gas engines that are easy to operate. Cordless electrical lawnmowers are perfect for small yards but are less powerful than their self-propelled counterpart. Lawnmowers are available with several different options, such as: 

  • Drive: Front-wheel drive for level ground, rear-wheel drive for uphill mowing, and all-wheel drive for side hill and steep hill mowing.
  • Function: Two-function mowers that mulch and bag grass or three-function mowers that mulch, bag, and discharge clippings.
  • Deck levers: One-lever, two-lever, or four-lever mowers to raise or lower the deck height.
  • Wheels: Bushing-type wheels or ball-bearing wheels which are much easier to push.

Ride Mowers

Popular for both residential and commercial applications, ride mowers offer convenience, efficiency, and faster speeds than push lawnmowers. Many people prefer riding mowers as they save hours of time and energy pushing a mower up and down the yard. Three of the most common ride mowers include:

  • Lawn tractor: Steering wheel and front-mounted engine mower with an 18 to 25-hp engine and deck widths that range from 42 to 54 inches.
  • Rear-engine riding mower: Perfect for larger lawns with deck sizes that expand from 30 to 33 inches and manual levers to adjust the deck.
  • Zero-turn mowers: Ideal for both large residential properties and commercial contractors with forward speed, rear-wheel transmission, and steering controlled by a lap bar.

Professional Lawn Mowing in Fishers

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