5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Commercial Property for Spring

We all look forward to spring — budding trees, blooming flowers, and bright sunshine. As the snow melts, there’s often a mess of leaves, branches, and debris left on the ground. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we know how important it is to have a tidy and presentable exterior for your business. We recommend following these five helpful tips to spruce up your commercial property.

5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Commercial Property for Spring

1. Pick up Debris

Melting snow leaves behind wet leaves, old mulch, scattered branches, and more. Start by picking up and removing all of this debris. Rake up branches and leaves, remove weeds and old mulch, and get rid of anything that does not enhance your property.

2. Inspect & Repair Damage

Sometimes snow plows or snowblowers cause accidental damage to the properties they plow. Check your property for any signs of injury including gates, fences, pathways, irrigation systems, flower beds, and the building’s exterior. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can make the repairs yourself or hire a professional.

3. Prune Plants, Shrubs & Trees

Pruning not only helps the foliage on your property grow healthy, but it also eliminates diseased branches or rotted leaves that could be impairing the plant’s growth. Ice and snow may have harmed trees on your property. Any damaged branches should be removed to allow the whole tree to thrive and flourish.

4. Add Mulch & Fertilizer

Protect your shrubs and trees by applying mulch and fertilizer. Mulch helps retain moisture so plants and shrubs have access to water during dry seasons. It also helps keep weeds at bay by blocking their access to the sun. Fertilizer provides plants and trees with the nourishment they need to grow healthy and strong. 

5. Tidy the Entrance

Give your business property some curb appeal by washing its entrance including doors, walls, pathways, and windows. As the weather warms up, consider adding some potted plants or vibrant flower baskets. All of this will make your commercial property attractive for guests, clients, and staff.

Professional Mulch & Landscaping Services in Noblesville

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