What Type of Mulch Should I Use for My Gardens?

It’s time to start thinking about getting out the rake, the weed whacker, and the mulch. If you’re considering different options for mulching your Noblesville property, the team at Miller Lawn Maintenance would like to recommend the five options below. Each one has its own advantages and is perfect for a wide range of applications.

What Type of Mulch Should I Use for My Gardens?


Shredded or chipped bark is one of the most popular types of mulch for landscaped properties. It works best for areas that contain flower gardens, trees, and shrubs, where you won’t be adding or digging up plants. Bark can add a polished look to garden beds that are located near front walkways or nestled up next to the foundation of your home.


For good drainage or for garden beds with plants that can take a little heat, gravel or stone is an ideal option. This inorganic mulch is great for herb gardens and rain gardens. Stone and gravel can be difficult to remove, so be sure you plan on using them for several years before applying them to your beds.


You may be asking yourself, “Use newspaper as mulch?” The answer is yes! Newspaper is becoming more popular as it is eco-friendly, retains moisture, and suppresses weeds. To use it correctly and keep your yard looking pristine and tasteful, simply lay down three or four layers of newspaper. Moisten it well with a garden hose and then top it with a one to three-inch layer of organic mulch such as bark or pine needles.

Straw & Hay

In regards to vegetable gardens, straw and hay are an amazing option. Not only do they keep the soil from splashing up onto the plants, but they also decompose very slowly, adding their nutrients back into the soil over time. Plus, it’s much easier to rake up and replace than inorganic mulch like stones and gravel.

Shredded Leaves

Another source of organic mulch, shredded leaves are great for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and shrubs and trees, especially if you’d like a more natural, casual aesthetic to your property. Spread a thin layer over your beds each spring while the plants are growing. In the fall, leaves are perfect for applying on your vegetable garden as they decompose over the winter.

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