Should I Hire a Snow Removal Service or Do It Myself?

“Should I hire a commercial snow removal service or can I just do it myself?” This is a question many business owners ask themselves, especially if they have a small storefront or only a handful of employees. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we have helped business owners with this important decision-making process. The best way to know if you should perform your own snow removal or hire a professional is to consider the questions below.

Should I Hire a Snow Removal Service or Do It Myself?

Do You Have the Time?

One of the most common reasons business owners hire out commercial snow removal is the amount of time it saves them. Between running their businesses, hiring and training employees, and seeing to the needs of their customers, they have little time left over. Rather than coming in early and staying late, they prefer to spend their time with their families once the business day is over.

Do You Want to Protect Staff & Customers?

Any business owner would, of course, say yes to this question. With a professional snow removal service, there will be no doubt your employees and customers will be protected from snowy pathways and icy sidewalks. Our expert team has the know-how and correct tools to clear parking lots, de-ice sidewalks, and keep snow from building up and obstructing any entrances into your building.

Can You Invest in Snow Removal Equipment?

If you choose the do-it-yourself route, not only will you need to find the time, but you’ll also need to purchase and maintain your own snow removal equipment. Snowblowers and shovels can certainly clear sidewalks and entranceways, but if you have a parking lot, even a small one, you’ll need to invest in a commercial truck and plow. Plus, you’ll need to conduct annual maintenance in order to keep the equipment working at its best. 

Trusted Snow Removal Services

Once you add up the time and money it will cost you to conduct your own snow removal, you may just find it’s completely worth it to hire a professional snow removal service like Miller Lawn Maintenance. Call us at (317) 416-2104 for a free quote today. We offer four-season maintenance solutions, such as fertilizing and weed control, spring and fall clean-up, gutter cleaning, and more throughout Broad Ripple and the surrounding areas.

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