Lawn & Landscaping Ideas for 3 Different Styles of Homes

Landscaping your property can add beauty, function, and creativity to your Fishers home. If not done correctly, it can detract from your space rather than enhance it. Miller Lawn Maintenance has years of experience working with a wide range of landscaping options and different styles of homes. If you’re not sure what type of landscaping would be best for your property, keep reading to learn about the various landscape options that work well with these three specific types of homes.

Lawn & Landscaping Ideas for 3 Different Styles of Homes

1. Ranch-Style Homes

With ranch-style homes, we suggest accentuating the horizontal design by installing shrubs, flowering plants, and grasses that grow low to the ground. A few ideas to consider include dwarf trees, creeping phlox, sweet alyssum, and mondo grass. Small evergreens are also a good choice to add to your landscape. They provide diverse textures and also allow you to enjoy a green landscape all year long. 

2. Modern Homes

Modern homes pair well with minimalist or simple landscapes. Low-maintenance plants and shrubs are a great choice as they don’t require much work on your part. To add creative interest, consider adding a few concrete pots full of begonias, morning glories, mums, or other bright flowers on each side of your front entrance. Other contemporary features, like outdoor rope lights or sleek wall-mounted sconces, can add to the avant-grade design of your home.

3. Traditional Homes

When creating a landscape for a traditional home, we recommend starting with basic landscaping features like low-maintenance shrubs and a well-manicured lawn. You can then add colorful planters or flowerbeds that accent your Fishers home and its particular features. Traditional-style houses are built with a variety of materials like brick, wood, or stone, and often include diverse characteristics such as wide front porches, overhanging beams, and columns. Make sure the type of flowers and plants you choose enhance the specific features of your house.

Professional & Creative Landscape Services

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