3 Times You Should Not Mow Your Lawn

Lawn mowing season is here, and that means the weekly chore of mowing is just beginning for homeowners in Noblesville. Depending on the weather, some of us may even have to mow our lawns twice a week. Did you know there are times when mowing your lawn once a week is not a good idea? That’s right! At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we’re here to tell you that there are specific situations when you should not mow your lawn regularly. What are those situations? Keep reading to learn more.

3 Times You Should Not Mow Your Lawn

1. When The Grass Isn’t Growing

Any professional lawn mowing company knows you should keep your grass no shorter than about two or three inches. This helps the grass grow thick and strong, keeping those pesky weeds at bay. When the weather is hot and dry, the grass may not grow as quickly as normal. If your lawn has hardly grown since you last mowed it, skip a week and wait until it’s a bit longer.

2. When You Want to Conserve Water

A growing lawn requires a lot of water. If you want to conserve water, especially during a particularly hot spell, allow your lawn to grow taller. Long grass can help shade the soil’s surface preventing the soil from losing moisture. The roots of the grass will also grow deeper and stronger in search of a more ample source of water.

3. When You Wish to Help Pollinators 

When you limit lawn mowing to every two weeks rather than once a week, the grass and weeds that grow in your Noblesville lawn become a source of nutrients for local pollinators. Bees and butterflies can take advantage of the extra foliage and flowers. Even birds can enjoy the extra seeds that are produced during this time. We’re not saying you should practice this all summer, but mowing every two weeks a few times each summer can increase the pollinator species in your community.

Professional Mowing Services in Noblesville

If you’d like to experience the benefits of a professional lawn mowing company, contact Miller Lawn Maintenance today at (317) 416-2104. We work in Noblesville and the surrounding communities providing mulching, weeding, landscaping, leaf removal, and aeration services.

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