4 Lawn Mowing Tips That Will Give You Maximum Results

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting out the old lawnmower. For a beautiful and healthy green lawn, the team at Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends following the four steps below. Combine these steps with a well-performing lawnmower and you’ll have an amazingly gorgeous lawn you can be proud of all summer long.

4 Lawn Mowing Tips That Will Give You Maximum Results

1. Proper Mowing Height

Mowing your lawn at the proper height can make all the difference in whether or not you have a healthy lawn. Cutting the grass too short, or scalping it, can make for a weak root system, as the blades are now forced to grow up rather than deeper into the soil. We recommend mowing your lawn at a height of three inches. This will allow the root system to grow stronger and form a healthy foundation for your lawn.

2. Varied Mowing Patterns

Cutting your grass using different mowing patterns not only makes your lawn look good, but also keeps it strong and healthy. Mowing in the same direction each week can leave ruts in your lawn. It can also force it to grow in only one direction. Changing up the pattern will ensure you have a lush, thriving lawn.

3. Best Time to Mow

The best time to mow is during the early evening. By this time of day, the hottest temperatures have passed and the grass has had time to recover from the day’s heat. You also need to be aware that one of the worst times to mow is when the lawn is wet. This can result in a haphazard-looking lawn. The wheels of the lawnmower can more easily tear up the grass by its roots. Also, when you cut a wet lawn, it will not be an even, straight mow. Finally, mowing a wet lawn can damage your lawnmower by clogging up the deck and causing a lot of frustration and expensive repairs.

4. Leftover Clippings

Leftover grass clippings are an amazing source of nutrition for your lawn. Leaving these clippings on your lawn is like giving it a free fertilizer treatment. Not only will it boost the health of your grass but it will also save you time in raking and bagging those clippings.

Lawn Care in Broad Ripple

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