Prepare Your Yard for Winter with Our Fall Clean-Up Services

Now is the perfect time of year to get your yard winter-ready before the snow strikes. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we customize our fall clean-up services to meet the specific needs of your Westfield property. Whether you need complete leaf removal, rain gutters cleaned out, or trees and bushes pruned back, our team will clean up your lawn with the utmost care and meticulous detail. While we offer a variety of fall clean-up services, below are a few of our more popular seasonal solutions.

Prepare Your Yard for Winter with Our Fall Clean-Up Services

Clear Away Debris

Throughout the year and especially during the fall, leaves, branches, and other debris find their way into your flower and mulched beds. We clear away any garbage or natural debris from these areas. This will help keep pests at bay as well as prevent any disease from settling in over the winter. 

Remove Leaves

Removing leaves is one of our most common fall clean-up solutions. Our leaf removal services include raking and blowing leaves, collecting any remaining garbage once leaves are removed, and removing leaves and garbage from your property, leaving you with a crisp, clean yard.

Trim & Prune

Fall is an ideal time to trim and prune overgrown trees and damaged or diseased bushes. This will prevent large branches from breaking and falling during snowstorms. It will also keep your perennials sturdy and strong, making them ready for their winter hibernation.

Aerate & Fertilize

By aerating and fertilizing your Westfield property, you’re giving your lawn and landscaping the nutrients they need to survive the cold winter season. A proper balance of aeration and fertilization will keep the grassroots strong and healthy, giving you a lush, green lawn in the spring.

Schedule Your Fall Clean-Up Today

At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we don’t just offer fall clean-up services. We provide a professional solution that will keep your Westfield property healthy and thriving, even through the tough winter weather. Call us for a free quote today at Miller Lawn Maintenance. Be sure to also ask about our weeding services, mulching services, and snow removal for residential and commercial properties.