Prep Your Property with These 5 Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to think about getting your property ready for summer. Before you can plant those vegetables or add new annuals to your flower bed, you need to properly prep your property and landscape. Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends following these five landscaping tips to get your Castleton yard ready for warmer weather. 

Prep Your Property with These 5 Spring Landscaping Tips

1. Clear Debris

The first task you’ll want to tackle is clearing your property of all debris. Remove sticks and branches that fell from the winter storms, and old mulch from flower beds, gardening areas, or around trees and bushes. Be sure to also rake up any leftover leaves from your fall cleanup

2. Look for Damage

Winter can be tough on Indiana properties. Once you have your yard cleaned up, go through and look for any signs of winter damage. Snow mold is a common issue following a long winter. If you didn’t treat your lawn for fungus in the fall, you may want to treat it with a fungicide in the spring.

3. Check for Thatch

Once your lawn is completely thawed, check it for thatch. This excess layer of organic material can keep soil and roots from receiving much-needed nutrients like air, water, and fertilizer. Aeration can help loosen up and remove thatch, allowing your lawn to receive the nutrition it needs to grow healthy and strong.

4. Weed Garden Beds

Weeding isn’t necessarily a fun task but it is a necessary one. This pesky undergrowth will start popping up as soon as it’s able. Rather than waiting until all the snow has melted, begin weeding when you first spot any weeds. Check flower beds, around perennials, among stone pathways, and other similar places.

5. Apply Mulch

The best time to mulch flower beds and around bushes and trees is after the lawn has naturally thawed. If you add mulch too early, it can slow down the natural thawing process and take even longer for your yard to recover from the cold winter temperatures.

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