DIY Fall Clean-Up Checklist

There’s no better time than fall to give your yard a boost to help it stay healthy. In our central Indiana climate, plants and grass are about to go dormant for the winter. So now is the time to give your yard and lawn some TLC. Leave the big tasks – like leaf removal or mulching – to the experts at Miller Lawn Maintenance. But there are lots of easy tasks you can do to keep your property looking its best over the winter. 

DIY Fall Lawn Cleanup Checklist

1. Clear your home’s gutters. 

Sure, this isn’t directly related to your lawn, but cleaning gutters is important for the health of your roof’s drainage system, especially if your home is near large trees. Clean out any decaying leaves, check for blockages in the drain, and then clean out the entire gutter system with a hose. Tip: Be sure to wear long rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin.

2. Trim bushes and trees. 

Now is the perfect time to groom your shrubs and trees. Besides removing dead branches that could be a hazard during winter storms, this will stimulate your trees and shrubs to produce new growth. 

3. Plant bulbs and fall annuals. 

By planting bulbs now, you’ll get to enjoy some early color in the spring. Fall annuals, like mums and pansies, can give your beds some color now while the rest of your landscaping prepares to take a long winter’s nap. 

4. Divide perennial plants. 

Save money and time in the spring by using the plants you already have. Divide any perennial plants or flowers that really took off this year, and plant them in other places. 

5. Save your back, and bring in Miller Lawn Maintenance to do the heavy lifting. 

Hire our professional team to remove those pesky autumn leaves from your yard. You’ll help your lawn stay healthy and disease-free during the winter. We have been providing leaf removal services in the Noblesville area since 2015, and we offer customized service packages that fit your needs. Request a free quote today by calling (317) 416-2104.