A Brief Guide to Fall Landscape Maintenance

As autumn is quickly approaching, it’s time to think about preparing your lawn and landscape for the fall and winter seasons. These seasonal maintenance tasks do not have to be completed all in one weekend. There are specific areas you can begin working on now, and then finish up before the snow falls. At Miller Lawn Maintenance, we recommend you follow this fall landscape maintenance guide so your lawn and landscape are ready for the cold weather ahead.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fall Landscape Maintenance

Fall Lawn Care

When it comes to fall lawn care, the two most important steps are to overseed and fertilize. Overseeding the bare spots in your lawn will allow new growth to take root before the cold season begins. Fertilizing will also give your lawn a boost of nutrition before the winter weather sets in. You’ll also want to rake up any leaves and debris as needed, which you will most likely have to do until the last leaf falls from the trees.  

Fall Landscape Maintenance

Trees, shrubs, and bushes need landscaping maintenance just as your lawn does. Clean up any rotten or diseased trees and shrubs by trimming dead branches or digging up and disposing of dead shrubs. Protect any fragile bushes by wrapping them with burlap or a protective shrub cover. This is also a good time to plant any fall or winter bushes. Be sure to water them regularly while they are still growing and taking root. 

Fall Garden Maintenance

If you have flower gardens, whether annuals or perennials, these will also need to be trimmed and cut back before winter begins. Perennials should be cut back to about six inches above the soil. If you have any overcrowded perennials, this is an ideal time to divide them and replant them somewhere else in your yard. You can also plant cool season annuals and spring flowering bulbs at this time.

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