4 Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Do you enjoy having a beautifully landscaped yard but don’t enjoy the back-breaking work to keep it that way? Thankfully, you can have a gorgeous, well-manicured landscape by taking advantage of a few low-maintenance methods. Miller Lawn Maintenance recommends applying these four tips for a vibrant, yet hands-off, landscape.

4 Tips for Low Maintenance Landscaping

1. Begin with a Plan

Planning and designing your Carmel landscape will assist in keeping your property elegant, charming, and low-maintenance. There are several elements you can include beyond flowering trees, attractive bushes, and colorful flowers. Consider adding a unique statue or sculpture as a focal point. You can also incorporate a water feature like a waterfall or fountain. From there, you can fill in the space with low-maintenance plants and flowers.

2. Feed the Soil

Before you begin planting, make sure the soil is healthy by giving it proper nutrition. Compost provides many nutritious elements for plants and flowers to grow healthy and strong. As a bonus, you only need to do this once each spring, and the benefits last all year long.

3. Use Low-Maintenance Plants

You may want to include a wide variety of vivid flowers and interesting plants, but this could potentially result in a high-maintenance landscape. Keep it simple by choosing two to four low-maintenance plants and flowers. There are several plants to consider like hostas, ferns, and yarrow, as well as beautiful flowers like Shasta daisies, hibiscus, or hydrangeas.

4. Take Advantage of Mulch

Mulch does more than keep your flower and plant beds tidy and groomed. It’s one of the best methods for keeping your landscape low-maintenance. Mulch hinders the growth of weeds, which means you won’t need to pull weeds as often. It also keeps moisture in the ground, so you don’t have to get that hose out every single day. Plus, you can choose from several types of mulch like wood chips, shredded bark, lava rocks, and crushed stone.

Expert Landscape Design & Maintenance

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